Born in a Ballroom celebrates a woman’s life as seen through an Appalachian village and the unique restaurant she founded. This Bluray comes with the film; a music video for internationally renowned pianist and composer, Jack Gibbons; a making of featurette (exclusive); a short film about Helvetia, WV titled “Called Home,” and some secret recipes from the Hutte Restaurant.


Now’s your chance to define your game with these uniquely designed playing cards.

What’s your favorite house: The Royals, Mariners, Bandits or Knights. These poker-size (2.5″x3.5″) playing cards are printed on high quality, plastic-coated, linen card stock and encased in a custom tuck box. The deck includes 54 uniquely illustrated cards (two through Ace – – along with two Jokers). The design on the back features a Belgian horse’s head and a crest adorned by flowered vines. As if they have seen hundreds of games already, these cards appear aged in their design but fresh and crisp in their quality. Each deck is wrapped in a clear, plastic shrink-wrap foil that further protects them on their journey to your mailbox.


“A Waltz with Words” is a collection of poems written by Clara Lehmann and illustrated by Ian Kim (Insoo Kim). The poems and illustrations are playful, unique, and appropriate for children or for adults.

Inspired by Shel Silverstein, the Appalachian mountains, and her grandmother (Eleanor Mailloux), Lehmann dedicates these poems to her twin daughters, Sophia and Lucy. We hope you will enjoy them just as much as the girls do!

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