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Perception. It is muted. It is flawed. It is singularly independent while holistically communal. For example, we perceive the tree, its branches, its outline in the sky. How it is separate from the mountains behind it and yet connected to the earth below it. We distinctly isolate the tree from ourselves. But that is merely our perception. The truth of the matter is that we are part of the tree and the tree is part of us. And I would argue further that person and place are one and the same. A symbiotic relationship exists between our souls and our universe. And sometimes that relationship forms a very special bond: one that echoes across time…

latest news

Would you care for a little taste of the documentary and Helvetia now? Check out our music video with internationally recognized pianist and composer, Jack Gibbonsnow a Helvetia resident! His song is called Solace, which should come as no surprise when you listen to Jack play this soothing, peaceful tune on the back of a flatbed truck as it winds its way through parts of Helvetia. It was a pleasure to work with Jack and to create a video that we use artistically in “Born in a Ballroom.” The pairing of Jack’s song with the scenery truly reflects the beauty of this place that means so much to us.

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